The Father's Hand
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          Thank you for thinking of us for this special occasion. We am delighted in being able to make this keepsake for you. All plates are hand cast, fired and handpainted. Due to the individual casting of each plate no two plates are identical. Since each plate is cast by hand each plate retains its own characteristics and may contain small imperfections. These unique characteristics occur during the firing and only make your plate more distinctive in its charm.
        After you have looked at the order form, which is located on the headling listed above and chosen the plate motif best for you.   Fill out the form and  review carefully all information on the form for accuracy and add or change the information to reflect accurately the information you want used on the plate. Please intital the form at the bottom as a verification the information is correct and can be place on the plate. So long as the information on the order form is correct, any plate with an error will be replaced free of charge. However, if the error is the result of misinformation received on the order form a remake of the plate will be charged to you as a new order.
        All orders take at least two to three weeks to complete.  Each order will be started upon receipt of a verifed order form and a check to cover the amount of the order. Please include the initialed order or a copy of the original form with your check. Please write all checks to:
                            Jan Trautmann
                         The Father's Hand
                       108 Cedar Bluff 
                         Saddlebrooke,Missouri 65630
         The Order forms can be copied to an e-mail to be completed and forwarded or copied and faxed to our studio. Thank you again for thinking of us. We am looking forward to making this keepsake for you.
Jan & Joel Trautmann